Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers

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Looking for some stocking stuffer ideas for your toddler?!?! Today I am sharing 8 ideas any toddler would love to find in their Christmas stocking.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers

Can you believe Christmas is only 18 days away!?!!??! Wowie…. this year has really flown by! I wasn’t planning on doing stockings for my girls this year because they are so little. But then I thought about it, and knew how much they would love it. So I decided to go for it! I went to our local party store Zurchers and found all these fun goodies for the girls stockings. If you are looking for a great place to shop in person for stocking stuffers, make sure to check them out! They had so many fun items for every age! Being there got my mind rolling on fun stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers!

Stuffed Animals

My girls recently have really gotten into stuffed animals. They love pulling them out of baskets, putting them in things, carrying them around, giving them snuggles, etc. Stuffed animals are a perfect way top off a stocking and have the animal friend hanging out of the top. Depending on the size it might take up the entire top of the stocking. I was super excited about these TY Beanie Boos I found at Zurchers! The material on them is flippable and thought that would be the perfect sensory toy & stocking stuffer size! I’ll link a couple of my girls favorite stuffed animals for ideas.

Musical Instruments

Anything with sounds can be so fun for kids! Bells, little drums, whistles, maracas, etc. My girls have these bracelet/anklets that have bells on them and they are obsessed! They would make the perfect stocking stuffers! I found some these fun harmonicas, maracas and flutes I am excited for the girls to open.

Board Books

Adding a book is always a great gift idea! I am a fan of educational toys as well as fun ones! Here is a list of all our favorite Christmas board books! I’ll link below a few of my girls favorite board books right now too 🙂

Finger Puppets

My girls can not get enough finger puppets these days! They love the small size and they they can carry them around! I love that they are not too small to choke on, but can still be something small my girls can play with. They love sticking them on their fingers, chewing on them, and filling them up with water. At Zurchers I found a big bag of dog and cat finger puppets. My girls are going to flip over those! Davey is soooo dog obsessed right now!


Growing up we got a lot of snacks in our stockings. My mom would always put my favorite snacks in my stocking. Snacks are also a great way to take up space in a stocking. Try a bottle of their favorite cereal or fruit pouches.


Blocks and balls are great toys for this stage of life! I was super excited about some fun holiday themed balls I found at Zurchers! I got some sparkly balls and reindeer hacky sacks for the girls!

Small Action Figures

My kids love holding little things and carrying them around the house. Small action figures are the perfect little pocket pals. I like dinosaurs or animals that are made of hard plastic and don’t have little pieces on them to bite off. I have also gotten in the past wooden animals/people that my girls love too!

Art Supplies

Notepads, stickers, crayons! Anything to color on, tear pages, stick things on, etc. These kinds of supplies are great for sensory skills and to see how things work! My girls are almost 15 months and we have been doing a lot of coloring together these days. My girls LOVE it and get so excited! Getting a large roll of kraft paper could be a fun stocking stuffer to! We like to use kraft paper and roll it out on the floor and tape it down so we can have a large surface to color. I found some of these coloring books at Zurchers I got that I think my girls will love! When you color with the special marker, colors start to appear on the pages!

I know there are so many fun stocking stuffer options, but these were a few things I thought would be super fun for this stage of life! Thanks so much for stopping by today for stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers! Have you gotten something in your stocking you have loved?! Or given something to your kids that they loved?! I would love to hear all about it in the comments below. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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